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How Freelancers Should Price Their Services – Pricing Strategies and Tips


One of the biggest challenges faced by freelancers is determining how much to charge for their services. Pricing too high could mean losing business, while underpricing devalues your work and time. This article will explore pricing strategies and tips freelancers can use to price their services competitively yet profitably.

Know Your Costs

Before setting rates, analyze your costs so you price profitably. Consider expenses like:

– Equipment and software costs
– Office and workspace expenses
– Transportation and commuting costs
– Self-employment taxes
– Healthcare plans
– Insurance policies
– Continuing education and training

Track the hours you work on different projects and tasks. This helps determine your true hourly costs. Price so that you earn a decent livelihood after covering costs.

Research The Market Rates

Research what other freelancers with similar skills, experience and location charge for comparable services. Surveying their rates provides a benchmark to guide your own pricing.

Some places to research rates:
– Job listings on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr
– Rate sheets and packages of competing freelancers
– Salary information on sites like PayScale and Glassdoor
– Professional associations for standard rates in your field

Price based on your experience level – entry-level, mid-level, expert-level. Don’t undercut the market significantly.

Consider The Project Scope

Factor in the full scope of work required for a project:

– Level of skill and expertise needed
– Time required including meetings/communications
– Project complexity and specific deliverables
– Amount of research/creation from scratch
– Tools and software required

More complex projects warrant higher rates. Break down pricing by project milestones or hourly.

Establish Pricing Packages

Create clear pricing packages instead of custom quotes each time. This gives prospects a set idea of your rates. Packages can include:

– Basic, Pro, Premium tiers
– Hourly packages like $50/hour for X hours
– Per project rate like $X for an e-commerce site
– Retainer packages for ongoing work

Adjust pricing periodically based on demand, experience, and inflation. Make incremental increases annually. Significant raises can lose customers.

Avoid Lowballing Yourself

A very common mistake is for freelancers to undervalue their worth especially when starting out, wanting to charge dirt cheap rates to attract any work. This backfires by losing you money and serious clients.

Remember to factor your expertise, skills, and the full workload. Charge fairly for the value you provide. Discounting too heavily also signals to clients that your work isn’t worth paying properly for.

Use Freebies Strategically

Offer free samples or free consultations to specific, potential high-value clients to secure paid work. Avoid free work just for exposure – your time is valuable.

Be Flexible at Times

At your discretion, you may provide discounts for:

– Non-profits and charities
– Previous or recurring loyal customers
– Slow business periods

But don’t undersell yourself too much. Know when to say no if projects don’t make business sense for your rates.

Handling Rate Negotiations

Some negotiation on prices is expected. Avoid going below a minimum rate that covers your costs and required profit. If clients request lower pricing, highlight the value you provide to justify your rates. Offer tiered packages or services you can provide within their budget. Be confident in conveying your pricing professionally.


Determining what to charge as a freelancer requires research, calculation of costs and worth, and confidence in your rates. Use the strategies above to set and negotiate competitive yet profitable pricing for your services. Track market conditions and make small adjustments as you gain more experience. Price yourself fairly and land more clients that respect your work and time.

John Li

John Li

My name is John Li, founder of 91valuzhou.com. I have over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and web development. Throughout my career, I’ve helped numerous businesses improve their online presence and achieve digital success. Based on my diverse expertise, I created this platform to share valuable knowledge with peers looking to excel in the digital space.

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